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Personnel info 2023

Starting with 2023 there are some changes with my job again. Similar to mid 2022 I sometimes/more often be not at home in the work week because of that. This will probably have influence for my Mod updates again, too. Of course I will try to still maintain most of them as I did before, but maybe I have to reduce my modding a bit. And if necessary have to postpone or even set a few to on hold/stop some (I’m thinking of the once I’m already struggling a bit anyway like Intertwined, The Cabin,… Read More »Personnel info 2023

Info about me and my Mods – update!

June 26, 2022Unfortunately it can be that I already have to do the next work travel tomorrow! My work colleague who actually should continue the external work I’ve begun this week got Covid… So again the little “warning” that I’m most likely, if I have to travel again, maybe not be able to do proper Mod updates next week! Actually “The tamin of the brat” should already has been released, but there seems to be some problems. Don’t know if it drops later today, if not I will have to postpone my Mod for it.… Read More »Info about me and my Mods – update!

Finally SubscribeStar is approved!

It “only” took more then half a year, but finally I got the approval for my SubscribeStar page. Posting there is still a bit unfamiliar to me, unfortunately the design options are sometimes a bit “funny” and also partly limited. But I will hopefully get used to it, have already made a few postings. I already noticed that long posts (as my usual monthly reports) are not good displayed there. Seems I will have to make a kind of short list. We will see. So for those having “too much money” and wanting to support… Read More »Finally SubscribeStar is approved!

Welcome to the Patreon “Switchers”!

I just wanted to say Hello to possibly a few new guests here on my homepage, who have otherwise only visited my Patreon page before. As you can see, this is of course not a highly professional website, it’s all self-made. Nevertheless you will find the usual posts like on Patreon before here, too. And also some additional stuff. Thanks for stopping by! YoursKoGa3

Once upon a time…

Hey, with all the Mod updates lately, I’ve overlooked one of my anniversaries. I’ll make up for it now as a kind of annual review. The anniversary? One year ago (exactly on 14.12.2019) I posted my first Mod! How time flies. It was the first part of an audio Mod for the game My Sister, My Roommate. I have stopped that in the meantime (the game got music by itself), nevertheless parts of my first attempts can still be found in today’s Mods (for example my script markers “KoGa3 START” / “KoGa3 END”. Also some… Read More »Once upon a time…

Changing my blog

Short info: I’m changing the blog here to a sort of a “news” feature. In future I will post here (similar to patreon…) all my news like Mod updates, new pictures, progress reports and so on. Of course there is still the page for the complete list of my Mods, and I think of maybe making a similar page for all of my pictures, too (for now they are here as older news).

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