Mod update for “Young Again”

Young Again version v0.8 / Chapter 8 was released today. Well, it was a harder Mod update for me then usual, because the first three game chapters were completely reworked (mostly text correctet) – I had to do rework/redo my Mod for these chapters now, too. And the remaining ones are getting that probably also with the next game updates… April 14, 2021:Mod patch/bugfix to version v0.8a Link to the F95zone game page here and my Mod page hereMod functions: music/jukebox/renaming/walkthrough Download Mod only v0.8 (~107MB)Workupload– MediaFire Mod patch/bugfix v0.8a ( <1MB)(the game and my Mod… Read More »Mod update for “Young Again”

Finished the Mod for “Intertwined” v0.7

Finally finished the Mod audio/music parts for the game version 0.7 of Intertwined. There are now two version of my Mod for the game: the already released “only cheating” version v0.7a_cheat (with info screen and cheating). And now the finished Mod with all functions v0.7a_audio (info screen/cheating/audio/music/walkthrough) I will probably do that “splitting” again with the next game update. With that I can “quickly” update the cheating one, and some time later the full one with all functions (and maybe also a pre release with the walkthrough a bit before). Also new: the Mod for… Read More »Finished the Mod for “Intertwined” v0.7

A new Mod for the crazy game “23 Sisters”

Attention! This game is crazy, sometimes really bad, the girls look and the facial expressions in general are… And yet, I just could not stop playing. On the contrary, now I’m already eagerly waiting for an update. But again, be warned and don’t blame me if you think: WTF? Link to F95zone game page HERE and my Mod page HEREMod functions: music/jukebox/walkthrough Download Mod only v0.02c (~38MB):Workupload Download Android port v0.02c compressedwith integrated Mod v0.02c (~105MB):Workupload Some ingame pictures of the Mod:

Mod update for “TP – The Class Next Door”

TP – The Class Next Door version v0.19.1 was officially released today on F95. There was already a leaked download link yesterday so I could update my Mod also in advance, too. Link to F95zone game page HERE and my Mod post HERE.Mod functions: status/cheat/rename/walk. Download Mod only v0.19.1 (~4MB):Gofile – Workupload Download game v0.19.1 slightly compressedwith integrated Mod v0.19.1 (~556MB):Gofile – Workupload Download Android portwith integrated Mod v0.19.1 (1,13GB):Workupload Some ingame pictures of the Mod:

Another quick new Mod: “Free Pass”

Yesterday, besides the for me difficult update of Interwined and the even more difficult one of Defending Lydia Collier, there was also a quick Mod in between for Free Pass. I probably needed that to compensate for the other two… It’s just a little cheat/info screen Mod, the game itself is still in the early stages, so we’ll see. Link to F95zone game page HERE and my Mod page HEREMod functions: status screen/cheating Download Mod v0.39 (<1MB):Workupload Some ingame pictures of the Mod:

Quick new Mod: “Between Salvation and Abyss”

Well, a very short demo was released from Between Salvation and Abyss. The game is actually nothing special. The story isn’t new, the renders are ok but definitely not high class, and the English clearly needs an overhaul (even I noticed that…). But: the game has its own charm, I liked it though. About my Mod: it’s a very quick one, only music and some audio effects so far (no Mod menu, no jukebox). I also used (because of the “engrish”) a already patched script file for my Mod. Link to F95zone game page HERE… Read More »Quick new Mod: “Between Salvation and Abyss”