Mod overview 9/2021 – Part 2

As promised, here the second part of my Mod overview with the complete list. So far there are 63 Mod projects from me 😨!  14 games/Mods are already finished, 8 Mods are unfortunately stopped/onhold by me, 8 games are onhold/stopped itself. The remaining 33! are for games still in progress. List of my Mods:(in alphabetic order): 23 Sisters Mod started: April 9, 2021 Latest update: Version v0.06d / Sept. 18, 2021 Mod status: 100% – finished for actual game version (v0.06d)Mod functions: music/jukebox/walkthrough/renaming/gallery unlock/add.settingsLink to F95zone game page HERE and my Mod page HERE Download… Read More »Mod overview 9/2021 – Part 2

Mod update: Rebirth Episode 3 – Part 6

Rebirth got the sixth update of episode 3. Of course, I immediately jumped on it and updated my Mod as well.  Link to the F95zone game page here and my Mod page hereMod functions: music/audio/jukebox/status/ cheat/rename/walkthrough/add.settings Download Mod only for game version Episode 3 Update6with music/audio/walkthrough/cheat/game settings(Mod version EP3-Part6 (~83MB)Workupload – MediaFire Download Mod only for game version Episode 3 Update6with walkthrough/cheat/game settings(Mod version EP3-Part6WT (~1MB)Workupload – MediaFire Download Android port of the compressed gamewith integrated Mod EP3Part6 (~218MB)Workupload – MediaFire Info:You need for starting the game an exportet save from episode 2!For me that did not work on Android, therefore… Read More »Mod update: Rebirth Episode 3 – Part 6

Mod overview 9/2021 – Part 1

Well, this month started relatively calm – I thought. When I now look back at my Mod changes and new starts since my last overview – everything as usual. My Mod projects aren’t getting less, quite the contrary… Let’s start again with the “general” news of my overview 9/2021. And also (as already usual) I’ll post my actual Mod list in the next day(s). New Mods / Updates:As said above I could not resist again and started 5 new Mods this month: for the games Oh Daddy, City of Broken Dreamers, Single Again (it seems… Read More »Mod overview 9/2021 – Part 1

A quick new Mod for “Sinful Life”

I made a (very) quick Mod for the game Sinful Life. Mostly I wanted to add an option to adjust the (way to long) transition time from scene to scene. By the way I also added my additional game settings and a quick walkthrough (there aren’t that much choices so far). Link to F95zone game page HERE and my Mod post HEREMod functions: walkthrough, add.settings Download Mod v0.3p1 (~1MB)Workupload Some ingame pictures of the Mod:

Mod update for the game “23 Sisters”

The game 23 Sisters was updated on F95zone to version v0.06d. It’s still one of the craziest games I’ve played so far – and still also one of the funniest, too. Of course I’ve updatet my Mod for it as soon as possible. The game got now it’s own walkthrough and replay/gallery with this version. I therefore removed my “RePlay” function. My walkthrough is still integrated – but you can switch now both WT’s on/off in my Mod menu. With this version it is now highly recommended to install the Loli patch for my Mod!… Read More »Mod update for the game “23 Sisters”

Mod update for “MOS – Last Summer” – update!

I’ve updated my Mod for MOS – Last summer to the new game release v0.3. Info: actually there are no new choices in this game update. Sept. 12, 2021:That was fast! In the meantime the final version was leaked on F95zone, of course I updated my Mod as soon as possible. Link to F95zone game page HERE and my Mod post HEREMod functions: status screen, cheating, walkthrough Download Mod v1.0b (<1MB)Pixeldrain – MediaFire Some ingame pictures of the Mod: