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Game review “Avalon”

A little gem if you like games with story and humor. There’s not much lewd content yet, but I like it when it’s not rushed. At first I was a bit distracted by the eyes of most girls, the dev loves those big ones. But I must say they’ve grown on me now. The game looks very promising for me.

The topic of rape is also handled in this game (the traumatization of Avalon comes from a former rape attempt). Who has problems with this topic should rather avoid the game.

Original review from February 7, 2020 on F95zone:

Wow, I’m terribly disappointed – for NOT having played it before!
At first I was a little distracted by the girls’ faces (yes, the eyes…),
but the longer I played it, the more I have to say: Don’t change it!

It’s more on the kinetic side, apart from one big decision (Dallas or Octavia route), but that’s fine with me. The story is good, the storytelling is great and the humour well placed. Also really likeable characters.

Technically the game is also okay. Just some basic animations – but I think that real animations might even distract. Maybe later, but at the moment not a must.

Summary for my review on Act 3

– Story
– storytelling
– Characters
– Humor in the game
– Music
– Render graphic
– Unique models and locations
(I was afraid I’d see my “favorite” clothing store again…)

– Animations
– Sounds (few, but well placed)
– Amount of play


In conclusion, I would like to say:
I really enjoyed playing it and can’t wait for the next update!

added Feb 22, 2020 / KoGa3

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