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Personnel info 2023

Starting with 2023 there are some changes with my job again. Similar to mid 2022 I sometimes/more often be not at home in the work week because of that. This will probably have influence for my Mod updates again, too. Of course I will try to still maintain most of them as I did before, but maybe I have to reduce my modding a bit. And if necessary have to postpone or even set a few to on hold/stop some (I’m thinking of the once I’m already struggling a bit anyway like Intertwined, The Cabin, Unbroken…).

But I do hope I don’t really have to do that because of the work travels. Maybe a problem will be (again) my a bit outdated and (for me even more a handicap) the tiny screen on the notebook I have and can use there. Maybe I can get one with a bigger screen or organize another solution. But as for most in these days money is a bit short so it’s not my highest priority and other things more important.

Well, let’s see. I already thought with my second job and the already doing work travels this year I would have to reduce my Mod activity drastically. But I somehow still handled it so far. So hopefully it’s not as bad as I fear now.


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3 months ago

Take your time koga

3 months ago

thank you for still thinking about the mod while you’re already busy as it is..