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Game review “Halfway House”

A very good game with really hot models (has in my opinion one of the hottest but still most realistic Milf). It’s a “slow burner” with only a few sexy scenes so far. So If you just want a quick fap – this is not your game. But if you like games with story, good an funny dialogs and well developed characters, you have to try it!

Quick note: I have made an Audio Mod/Addon for this game, more infos in my Mods section

Original review from August 11, 2019 on F95zone for EP2 (meanwhile EP5 is released)

Wow, even in this early state (EP2) I think this is a big one.
Great story with good character development and fantastic models
(one of the hottest milf I´ve seen so far).
For me it´s a must play.

Tested: EP2

interesting story
great storyline
good character development
good dialogs
girls are hot and natural looking
very good render quality
…and many more…


no audio/music
no animations
some typos

added March 2, 2020 / KoGa3

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Thanks !

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