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Game review “Under The Moonlight”

Actually, this is not a real “game” at all, but a demonstration/preview of possible future projects of the developer team. I have therefore longer considered to make a rating. Unfortunately, there were then negative reviews on F95zone for that very reason. It seems that some apparently can not really read, the developers have made that clear from the beginning, that this will be short…

About the game:
I kind of fell in love with the game as soon as the first release came out. The graphics/renderings are great, the mystical atmosphere immediately noticeable. And that, as I already mentioned, even though everything is only briefly hinted at in this short story. Really awesome are the two women – for me they are among the most beautiful models in adult games I’ve seen so far (especially the “mysterious woman”). There was also a music track that is fitting to the mood. Of course, I still couldn’t resist and added a few additional tracks (more infos in my Mods section).

Now I’m already looking forward to future projects of this dev team.

Original short review from May 23, 2021 on F95zone for the final game version:

A short review of a short game
(for the final version)

The game (or better: demo) somehow did it to me. The graphics/renders are well done. And the two women are just gorgeous. I also liked the implied mysterious, it’s all very atmospheric and fits well. Maybe only average: the animations.

Actually a pity that it’s already over again. But I’m looking forward for the next project.

added May 25, 2021 / KoGa3

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