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Game review “Unleashed”

A game I’m in love with: excelent humor, gorgeous girls, nice renders, interesting storytelling. The story itself is actually very “standard” – but I’m still not sure if it’s not intentional misdirection.
One main issue: the game release cycles are getting longer and longer, the last (very short) update is already more then 5 months ago….

Quick note: I’ve made a Mod/Addon for this game, more infos in my Mods section

Original review from Oct. 15, 2020 on F95zone for game version v0.5v1:

I love this game. The graphics are well done, the characters are great, the story is good, in general the atmosphere in the game is well done. And the girls (Shannon!  – but also Maeve/Angel/Olivia) are just gorgeous. Also for me way above average: the humor. Just the notebook scene at school from the last update – hilarious!

So there is no room for improvement? Of course there are a few little things here and there, but what’s really perfect…the latest update cycles were a bit long and the ammount of the last update was rather small. Also the latest added animation has some flaws.

Summary for my review (game version v0.5v1):

– Story, storytelling
– Characters
– Models and locations
– Humor in the game

– Render graphics
– Music / Sound

– Amount of gameplay
– Animations

rather bad:
– latest update cycles

Finally I would like to say:
I really enjoyed playing it and I’m eagerly waiting for the next update!

added Mar. 15, 2021 / KoGa3

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