Game review “Haley’s Story”

Not my first game, but the first one I’ve rated on F95zone. One with the best character development and dialogs I’ve played so far. If only the dev would turn on the lights for some of the pics… Some of the hair styles are a little funny, but everything else is really good.

Original review from May 26, 2019 on F95zone:

Wow, this VN has one of the best storyline and character development I have seen so far.
For me it´s a must play. If you are looking for a well developed story, likeable characters,
dialogs witch makes sense and are fun, this is it…

Tested: V40

interesting story
great storyline
good character development
very good dialogs (especially between brother and sister)
girls are good looking and mostly natural – exapt some hairstyle
outstanding MC and sisters relationship development
good render quality
good animations
…and many more…


Some Graphics are too dark, you can hardly see something
no audio/music

I rate this 4.5/5

added Dec 7, 2019 / KoGa3

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