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Game review “STWA – The Author”

For me one of the most underrated games on F95zone. Story and character developement are amazing. And the storytelling is top notch. But: you have to give the game it’s time, the beginning is “not what it looks like” (some reviewers on F95zone were already falling for that because they thought it’s another ordinary game like many others…). For me one of the games you can’t get out of your head anymore.

Quick note: I’ve made a Mod/Addon for this game, more infos in my Mods section

Original review from January 4, 2021 on F95zone for game version Ch6.2:

I have played quite a number of games here on F95. Fortunately, there were many good games among them, some were even great.

Well, then there are a few games that stick in your mind. And even though the game is not finished yet, I already know this is one of them. The story, the characters, and especially the storytelling are fantastic! Rarely have I been so immersed in a game as I am here.

Technically and especially graphically the game is on a very good level, but can’t quite reach the top titles. For a “newcomer” in this business, however, it is still remarkable, and you notice a clear increase in quality as the game progresses. Only mediocre: the animations, but they serve their “purpose” in the sexy moments. No music/audio effects in the original game (well, there is a solution for that…).

You have to make decisions in the game, and they have consequences. The writing is top notch, only a few spellings are there. Also the updates are regular and come with good amount of content.

All in all, that would be a grade of probably 4 to 4.5. But really, I have to give this a 5 star rating, the game is way too good for less then that.

Finally, a small note for newcomers to the game:
Don’t be fooled by the beginning! (as it happened to a reviewer before me). At first glance this seems to be one of the usual games like many here on F95 – but that changes fundamentally in the game and the further you play the more all the plots and the behavior of characters fit together.

added Jan. 4, 2021 / KoGa3

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