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Mod update: Rebirth Episode 4 Part 4

Rebirth got the 4th part of episode 4. Had now time to finally finish all of my Mod variants (the AudioWT was already finished, now the WT only and Android port are also done). New function since the game is now branching into routes: named saves so you can better organize your saves for that. Note: my Mod for EP4 has an option at the start to load defaults when no save transfer file from EP3 exists. Link to the F95zone game page HERE and my Mod page HEREMod functions: music/audio/jukebox/status/ cheat/rename/walkthrough/add.settings Download Mod only… Read More »Mod update: Rebirth Episode 4 Part 4

Info about me and my Mods

Since monday I’m on a work trip this week. I hoped it will be short and I can finish it today. But it seems now it will last at least till friday evening I can return home. That means I probably won’t be able to do Mod updates now (except a quick one made for Rebirth yesterday, but I updated only the AudioWT version, it’s also postet only on F95zone so far, too). Also it seems this wasn’t the last work trip, there will be more of them in the next months. Unfortunately for me… Read More »Info about me and my Mods

Mod for the game “But I’m the Bad Guy?” is stopped! – update

Well, unfortunately now the time has come – the game has received with v0.036 (I got it as a small patron) the content that I’ve somewhat feared since I started my Mod for it. Don’t get me wrong, that was not really a big secret from the very beginning and these scenes are also completely avoidable (so far) for players, too. But unfortunately not for me to update my Mod. So I therefore decided to stop that here now. It was not easy for me, I really liked the game so far with the slow… Read More »Mod for the game “But I’m the Bad Guy?” is stopped! – update

Mod overview 6/2022 – Part 1

Hi guys. Since I’m on a work trip this week I’ll have to keep it short this time. So let’s start with the general Mod related news for 6/2022. And later in the next days the second part with the actual alphabetic Mod list. New Mods / Updates:Last month I started two new Mods: For a (finished) WVM side game, DITLO Harper, and for the game Kate. There’s actually a third one finished from me for another game, but I have not postet it so far (I’m not 100% sure if I continue it). Hillside… Read More »Mod overview 6/2022 – Part 1

Reactivated my Mod for “DDL – Daddy Daughter Love” – update

I updated my Mod for the game DDL – Daddy Daughter Love again to the latest game version v0.019. Actually I had stopped it some releases ago because there is now also original ingame music. But I got some requests here, and since I’m still interested in the game itself too I decided to “reactivate” it again. But I post it only here on my Homepage! I’m letting it stopped on F95zone since there is already someone else doing a WT Mod after I stopped mine there. Well, my first “exclusive” Mod here (+ on… Read More »Reactivated my Mod for “DDL – Daddy Daughter Love” – update

Mod update for the game “Obscure Affairs”

Short note: I’ve updated my Mod for the new release v2.80UE of the game Obscure Affairs. Info: the game routes are not so clear for me anymore. I therefore did not added WT route recommendations, from now on I “only” show the game points you can get and variables are set with the choices. Link to F95zone game page HERE and my Mod post HEREMod functions: renaming, walkthrough, add.settings Download Mod v2.80UE (~2MB)Workupload – Mediafire Android basic port from the game (slightly) compressedwith integrated Mod v2.50UE (~270MB)Workupload – MediaFire – Pixeldrain Some ingame pictures of the Mod: