Mod overview 10/2021 – Part 1

The year is progressing rapidly, we have already passed middle of October. Well, last month was “average” in terms of the number of Mod updates and launches. But don’t worry, I certainly didn’t become bored! Let’s start again with the “general” news of my overview 10/2021. And also as usual I’ll post my actual Mod list in the next day(s). New Mods / Updates:There were (again) some new Mods in the last month. And one of them is a bit special, because it’s actually not a “normal” Mod for me: I ported the comic Breaking… Read More »Mod overview 10/2021 – Part 1

A new Mod for “Grandma’s House”

Damn, it seems I’ve forgotten to post a new Mod I’ve released already some days ago. It was a quick one, so maybe that was the reason (or probably because I’m getting old…) October 14, 2021: Someone requested on F95zone if I could do a walkthrough Mod for the game Grandma’s House. It was feasible without too much effort, I created a quick one. Link to F95zone game page HERE and my Mod post HEREMod functions: Walkthrough Download Mod v0.01 (<1MB)MediaFire Ingame pictures of the Mod:

Updated my Mod for “WVM”

I’ve updated my Mod for WVM. The game got an update today on F95zone – well, someone leaked a (short) beta version from the upcoming release. I wasn’t even sure if I should do a Mod update. I decided to do a quick one, but maybe call it better a “bigger compatibility patch” with some new features… Link to F95zone game page HERE and my Mod page HEREMod functions: cheat/renaming/walkthrough/add.settings/music (only with audio version) Download link Mod only v0.10.0.1beta_AudioWT (~137MB):(with music, cheating and walkthrough)Workupload – MediaFire Download link Mod only v0.10.0.1beta_WT (~10MB):(with cheating and walkthrough)Workupload – MediaFire Info: the… Read More »Updated my Mod for “WVM”

Mod update for “Between Salvation and Abyss”

The new Chapter 3 / Part 1 for the game Between Salvation and Abyss was released on F95zone. I updated therefore my Mod for this new game version, too. The game is still ok, but has some unavoidable violence/rape scenes. So if that is not your thing better not play it. Note:It’s highly recommended to restart the game with chapter 3/part1, there’s a big change in the game variables!That’s probably why the old saves don’t show up at the game start. I uploaded here two saves at the beginning of Ch3P1, first one on Corruption route, second one on Love route.… Read More »Mod update for “Between Salvation and Abyss”

Bad news #2: Daddy’s Little Girls / 23 Sisters

It seems to be the week of bad news: Daddy’s Little Girls will probably not get any more updates on F95zone. The unpatched version is discontinued due to some “release problems” of the Loli patch, and the prepatched/full version isn’t allowed there… Here the reasons why the game dev Doc5252 is going to do that (from his post on F95zone):“Well, at least I know it’s someone from F95Zone who doesn’t like Daddy’s Little Girls. My other game’s patch is still up and links from other sites aren’t down. That means some cock sucker from this… Read More »Bad news #2: Daddy’s Little Girls / 23 Sisters

Unfortunately the two “Pleasureville” games are stopped

The developer Juicyful has unfortunately thrown in the towel: he stops the further development of both Pleasureville games. Too bad, I really liked them. Especially for the “Maddy-Spinoff” I find that extremely sad. I still think that this one have – in my opinion – very much potential. Also my Mod for it had actually very good download counts. Nevertheless, I have to put my two Mods for them to “stopped” now, too. Link to my Mod post for “Pleasureville – naughty neighborhood“ Link to my Mod post for “Pleasureville – Maddy’s Diary“: