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Game review “Picture Perfect”

Very good game with excellent storytelling and good Character buildup. Of course it’s an incest game (Landlord with tenants…HaHa), but well made. You can see that the dev also writes books – whereas this game is based on one.

Quick note: I’ve made a Mod/Addon for this game, more infos in my Mods section

Original review from April 27, 2020 on F95zone for Ch.6

Good game so far with a well written story (based on a novel from the dev himself), likeable characters, funny dialogs and really cute girls. Technically the game is ok with mostly good renders and hot looking girls. No animations and music/sound so far (music is allready announced, animations are also planned). Some decicions in the game, but mostly only good/bad choices (not really branches) – but that’s ok with me.

Outstanding moments for me: Paris confessing her love to the MC + telling that to Sarah (shit, I had even tears in my eyes…)

Summary for my rating to version Ch.6:

– Storytelling
– Characters
– Models (maybe I’m in the minority here, but my favorite so far is Paris)

– Story (ok, it’s a “landlord with tenats” story…but well made)
– Humor in the game
– Amount of gameplay
– Sex scenes (only still images, but really hot)

– Choices
– Graphics/Render: mostly good with some flaws:
(e.g. grass passes through bodies, the head of Sabrina is sometimes to pale – looks like patched up for me)

rather bad:
– No music and audio (for this game version)
– No animations (for this game version)

All in all this adds up to 4 points at the moment, but with future music (and maybe some minor corrections to some graphics) it will definitely add up to 5 points then.

Finally I would like to say:
I really enjoyed playing it and now I’m waiting eagerly for the next update!

added April 28, 2020 / KoGa3

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