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Game review “Rebirth”

An also in my opinion very good game with excellent storytelling and good Character building. But it’s a “very slow burner” with only a few sexy scenes so far. So If you just want a quick fap – this is not your game. But for those of you who like games with good story, storytelling, characters and well developed and sometimes funny dialogs you have to try it!

Quick note: I’ve made an Audio Mod/Addon (with cheating functions) for this game, more infos in my Mods section

Original review from April 22, 2020 on F95zone for Episode 1

What can I say – in my opinion a masterpice.
But: this game is NOT for everyone! If you are mainly looking for a game with lewd content, you will be disappointed. It’s a “slow-slow” burner! Maybe this will change later on, maybe not – for me this would be a bonus of course, but not more.

The story is good. If you are interested in vampire stories, probably even great. But what makes this game amazing for me is the storytelling.

Technically the game is fine. Great renders, but no animations. Most girls are really hot. The game has music, and you can make a few decicions in the game which leads to some different MC skills. And there are also funny moments, too. Speaking of funny things: the hair styling is sometimes… (hello Viitgames/Haley).

Summary for my review on Episode 1:

– Storytelling
– Characters
– Render graphics
– Models and locations

– Story
– Humor in the game
– Music (nevertheless: Here’s a Mod from me with changed music and added sounds)

– Amount of gameplay

rather bad:
– No animations (but I didn’t miss them)
– Sex scenes (mostly some nudes in the bathroom etc.)

Finally I would like to say:
I really enjoyed playing it and I can’t wait for the next update!

added April 22, 2020 / KoGa3

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