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  • Mod overview 10/2021 – Part 1
    The year is progressing rapidly, we have already passed middle of October. Well, last month was “average” in terms of the number of Mod updates and launches. But don’t worry, I certainly didn’t become bored! Let’s start again with the “general” news of my overview 10/2021. And also as usual I’ll post my actual Mod list in the next day(s).… Read More »Mod overview 10/2021 – Part 1
  • A new Mod for “Grandma’s House”
    Damn, it seems I’ve forgotten to post a new Mod I’ve released already some days ago. It was a quick one, so maybe that was the reason (or probably because I’m getting old…) October 14, 2021: Someone requested on F95zone if I could do a walkthrough Mod for the game Grandma’s House. It was feasible without too much effort, I… Read More »A new Mod for “Grandma’s House”
  • Updated my Mod for “WVM”
    I’ve updated my Mod for WVM. The game got an update today on F95zone – well, someone leaked a (short) beta version from the upcoming release. I wasn’t even sure if I should do a Mod update. I decided to do a quick one, but maybe call it better a “bigger compatibility patch” with some new features… Link to F95zone… Read More »Updated my Mod for “WVM”

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