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Among other things you can find here
all of my released Game Mods so far.

Also I put here some of my pictures
I’ve postet in the adult game community F95zone
(Yes, the “photoshopped” ones 😉).

But there can be a little bit naughty material on this page,
so if you are under eighteen (or over eighty)
please leave this site – or maybe you can watch this: G-rated 🤔

Recently added news:

  • Mod update for “Hillside”
    I updated my Mod for Hillside to the game version v0.8. New: I’ve made some minor UI changes since the game is now FullHD resolution. Link to the F95zone game page here and my Mod page hereMod functions: music/jukebox/status screen/cheating/renaming/walkthrough/named saves Download Mod only v0.8 (~100MB):Workupload – MediaFire Download game complete compressed withintegrated Mod (version v0.8, ~267MB)Workupload – MediaFire Some ingame pictures of the… Read More »Mod update for “Hillside”
  • Finished the Mod for “STWA – The Author”
    I’ve finished my Mod for the new game version Ch 7 – the finally one! – for the game STWA – The Author. New since Ch7pre2: a Mod option so you can enable all routes in Ch7 (you have to set this option before these games choice menus come up, so it’s maybe best to do that at the beginning… Read More »Finished the Mod for “STWA – The Author”
  • New quick Mod: “My Dessert Story”
    A quick music/audio Mod for the game My Dessert Story. A really nice game demo with cute girl models (Emma Stone!) and good story/storywriting. So far not that much content of course and also no lewd scenes. Link to F95zone game page HERE and my Mod post HERE.Mod functions: music, jukebox, rename Download Mod only v0.1 (~31MB)WorkUpload – MediaFire Some ingame pictures… Read More »New quick Mod: “My Dessert Story”

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