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Welcome to the world of KoGa3!

Mostly you can find here on this page
all of my Game Mods I’ve released so far.

A few other things you can explore:
Game reviews, signatures, memes/funny pics,
my photoshops, Mod music track examples

New since 10/2022:
A download section for quick Android ports / Mods

Latest news:

  • Updated my Mod for “WVM”
    WVM got the next “full” update to S2-C1-E9, I’ve updated my Mod for it asap, too. Link to F95zone game page HERE and my Mod page HEREMod functions: cheat/renaming/walkthrough/add.settings (music/jukebox with second Mod version) Download link Mod only vS2-C1-E9_WT (~14MB):(with cheating, renaming and walkthrough)Workupload – MediaFire Download link Mod only vS2-C1-E9_AudioWT (~140MB):(with music, cheating, renaming and walkthrough)Workupload – MediaFire Android port game compressed withintegrated… Read More »Updated my Mod for “WVM”
  • Mod update for the game “Couples”
    After a quite long time the game Couples got leaked again on F95zone. I’ve updated my Mod for it asap, too. Attention:The now leaked game version s NOT the SE (“Special Editon”) version anymore as before. So if you use old saves made with the SE version you will get dialogs with missing pictures. In my Mod you can check… Read More »Mod update for the game “Couples”
  • Mod update for the game “Ravenous”
    Small note:I’ve updated my Mod for the new game version v0.88 of Ravenous. Link to F95zone game page HERE (Info: Mod is “Homepage only”)Mod functions: music/jukebox, renaming, add.settings with named saves Download Mod v0.088Music (~50MB)MediaFire – Workupload Android port from the game compressedwith integrated Mod v0.088Music (~349MB)MediaFire – Workupload If needed here some saves from me, made at the start of the game chapters.Mediafire… Read More »Mod update for the game “Ravenous”

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Some Mods I’m messing with at the moment: