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Also I put here some of my pictures
I’ve postet in the adult game community F95zone
(Yes, the “photoshopped” ones 😉).

But there can be a little bit naughty material on this page,
so if you are under eighteen (or over eighty)
please leave this site – or maybe you can watch this: G-rated 🤔

Recently added news:

  • Mod update for “TP – The Class Next Door”
    TP – The Class Next Door version v0.17.2 was released today. So I jumped on it and updated my Mod also to version v0.17.2. New: I integrated an option to change the info screen color (similar to “A Wife and Mother”). Link to F95zone game page HERE and my Mod post HERE.Mod functions: status/cheat/rename/walk. Download link Mod only (~3MB):Gofile – Workupload Some… Read More »Mod update for “TP – The Class Next Door”
  • Small update for the “Where the Heart is” Mod
    I’ve made a little update for my Mod version with cheating + music for the game Where the Heart is. Similar to the one from “A Wife And Mother” I reworked the “QuickMusic” function a bit:– additional music screen, quick activation with moving the mouse over the music icon– when selecting/playing a “mood” track, all tracks from the same mood… Read More »Small update for the “Where the Heart is” Mod
  • New Mod for “Sun Breed”
    A quick new Mod for the game Sun Breed. A new “kinetic novel”(no game choices) about vampires from the developer of “Picture perfect”. Nice story, good render pics and hot girls so far. Funny thing: in the original code was already music integrated, but the dev deactivated it again. Jan. 12, 2021:I’ve integrated the game plot/prologue text into the Mod… Read More »New Mod for “Sun Breed”

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