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Game review “Hillside”

For me one of the top games in recent times with a very good story and characters developement. But: so far there are only a few lewd moments in the game, if you are looking for something like that you will be disappointed.

Quick note: I’ve made a Mod/Addon for this game, more infos in my Mods section

Original review from Septmber 19, 2020 on F95zone:

(I thought I had already rated it – so I’ll do it now immediately)

What can I say – in my opinion already a masterpice!

But: this game is NOT for everyone! If you are mainly looking for a game with lewd content, you will be disappointed.
Maybe this will change later on, maybe not – for me this would be a bonus of course, but not more.

The story and the characters are well done. Of course it’s a bit like the game “Lexi” or the movie “Bodyguard” – well, I
liked them, too. And: I think Hillside is already better then both of them.

Technically the game is fine. Great renders (but no animations). Most (all) girls are really hot (Charlotte!! – ok, Suzi and
Lucy are hot, too) or super cute (Emma!!). The game has some good sound effects, but no background music

I really like the game so far, but there is of course some potential for improvement:The behaviour of the MC at the beginning of the game was somewhat strange sometimes (“soft hands”…), but in the later episodes it’s already corrected
The renders are amazing, but it’s still “only” 720p resolution

Summary for my review (game version v0.5):

– Story, storytelling
– Characters
– Models and locations

– Render graphics
– Sound effects

– Amount of gameplay

rather bad:

– No animations (but I didn’t miss them)
– No background music (I’ve made a Mod/addon for that)
– Sex scenes – only some nudes/masturbation from Lucy so far.
(Funny thing: I didn’t miss that either…)

Finally I would like to say:
I really enjoyed playing it and I’m eagerly waiting for the next update!

added Sept. 24, 2020 / KoGa3

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