This is me!
(quite up-to-date)

Some facts about me:
Age: a very old fart
Height: in contrast to ants really huge
Weight: I could use a weighbridge, so…
Hair: tends between grey and invisible (and a little bit dark brown is also left)

Some facts about my game Mods:
After playing some (many…) adult games I started making Mods for them in Dec. 2019 – basically I wanted to add music and sound for those that don’t have one. Later I’ve begun to also integrate some more functions like status screens, cheating functions and walkthroughs to my Mods, too. Funny thing: mostly they are needed for myself to test my audio addons…
But: don’t expect too much, I’m still a complete newbie in doing that, especially in “programming” in Ren’Py.

Some facts about my photoshoped pictures:
I’ve been doing image editing/manipulation quite a while now, I think the
beginning was in the early nineties (yes, in the last century / millennium).
But only myself as a hobby, not as professional.

For me a funny thing is, everybody says “photoshoped”.
But I’ve never really used this program.
Mostly similar ones, but never the original.

Feel free to use/save the ones on this page for private use. I will maybe add
a download section in the future to make it easier to download them and
have the full resolution.


You still want to communicate with me directly?

So, if you seriously want that,
then please fill out the form below
and I may reply (or not).

I’ve also launched a page on Patreon for those of you who are dying to give me some money…
(Of course nonsense, my site there is free!)

And there’s also a (small) site on By me a coffee.
But since I am not really a coffee drinker, this site is also free…

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9 months ago

Thanks and keep up your nice work

10 months ago

I know your patreon side, keep dropping in there regularly. But until now I always overlooked that there is another website of yours – this one!
I’ve been poking around here for almost an hour now, it’s just crazy! My belly is aching from laughing about your Photoshop pictures, and the jokes are hilarious, too. And now I take a closer look at your list of played games – really cool!

Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work!

11 months ago

Thanks for the game mods!

1 year ago

Hello Koga, also thanks for this really funny site you made. No joke, I found it by searching for a bike (KOGA)! I thought I have to tell you that funny “mistake” too. Now I’m reading and reading and reading on your site and laughed my ass off from your pictures. I’m even interrested in these games you made your photoshops, too. I hope my englisch is good enough for them, I will see. Of course I will visit your pages here from time to time – I made a bookmark, but must have to hide it from my wife… Read more »

1 year ago

Really funny site! Your pictures are incredible, could not stop laughing.

Now I have a perhaps stupid question: Is all this really made by you alone? I mean, there are so many pictures! And a really professional looking site! And if I remember correctly, also a second site (right, on Patreon). According to your changelog many website updates. And you do mods, some game reviews…

Do you actually sleep once? 😜

anonymous guy
anonymous guy
1 year ago

Found this page by accident. I have to say, this is really funny! It’s naughty – but you “warned” us. Keep up the good work! From now on, I’m gonna have to check in here from time to time…

1 year ago

You said you don’t use Photoshop. May I ask which program you use instead? By the way, great site!

1 year ago

Holy shit, what a funny site! I almost died laughing! Unbelievable…

Karl S.
Karl S.
1 year ago

ha ha, funny site!
Are you from Austria? If so, me too!