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Mod update for the finished “QPrey: Escape from the Lake Thing”

QPrey: Escape from the Lake Thing got the final half of the extended game version. I’ve updated my Mod asap for it, too.

Link to F95zone game page HERE and my Mod post there HERE
Mod functions: music, jukebox, renaming, add.settings, gallery(RePlay)

Download Mod v1.2 (~52MB)
Pixeldrain – MediaFire

Download game compressed with
integrated Mod v1.2 (~320MB)
Pixeldrain – MediaFire

Android port from the game compressed
with integrated Mod v1.2 (~310MB)
Pixeldrain – MediaFire

more infos Android port...

Usage additional swipe commandos:
– Swipe left: back
– Swipe right: skip
– Swipe up: main menu
– Swipe down: hide

The game saves are stored now in a persistent folder and should be available even when the game is deinstalled
Location: “(your device)\RenPy_Saves\com.koga3.qprey”

– You have to grant the permission for the external/second save storage use when starting the game for the first time.
– On some devices the game seems to stuck on the very first start after you granted the permission.
Please close the game completely and restart it, it should work after that without that issue again.

Some ingame pictures of the Mod:

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20 days ago

Definitely one of the weirdest ANN’S that I have played so far, but still fun. The follow upto this picks up where the first one left off with a slightly different direction which was unexpected. I had anticipated a full on manhunt after they escaped with creatures on the loose. Still enjoyable regardless. Thankyou for doing mod port for this game. I had completely forgotten about and thought it had been abandoned like so many other games. I’m pleased to continue storyline with this one. Hopefully you will continue to update this mod and I look forward to the next… Read more »

mom lover
mom lover
2 months ago

I’ve been waiting for an update for this game for a long time, is the latest update not out yet?

1 month ago
Reply to  koga3

I couldn’t find any mod for this game for Android

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