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Updated my Mod for “WVM”

WVM (the main game) got an update after quite some time. And it’s only a part of the former planned big update now, too. Actually I wanted to wait when all of these parts are released, but then decided now to do at least the “full function” Mod (with the music). But the WT only and the Android port are stopped until these parts are published.

Info: the main game have a new version naming, it’s called “Season 2 Chapter 1 Episode 1” or also “S2 C1 E1”. But don’t worry, the downloads on F95zone are full ones including the whole game with the old part, too. And my Mod is also for this “full” game version.

Link to F95zone game page HERE and my Mod page HERE
Mod functions: cheat/renaming/walkthrough/add.settings/music (only with audio version)

Download link Mod only vS2-C1-E1_AudioWT (~138MB):
(with music, cheating and walkthrough)
Workupload – MediaFire

The following WT only and Android port are stopped until all of the parts from the full game update are released.

Download link Mod only v0.10.0.1beta_WT (~10MB):
(with cheating and walkthrough)
Workupload – MediaFire

Android port game compressed v0.10.0.1 Beta
with integrated Mod v0.10.0.1beta_AudioWT (~1.13GB)
(with music, cheating and walkthrough)
Workupload – Mediafire

Some ingame pictures of the Mod:

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