A new Mod for “A new beginning” – update

I made a new Mod for the game A new beginning. Well, actually it’s not completely new, I already had a Mod for it. But it was a quick one with only a few functions, mostly it was for the renaming of the family members.

Now I had some time to play the game (hadn’t unfortunately time so far) – and while doing that, I could not resist and added some music tracks and sounds to it, too.

Oct. 24, 2021
A day after making my Mod the game got a new release… I’ve updated my Mod for it.

Link to F95zone game page HERE and my Mod post HERE
Mod functions: Music, audio, jukebox, renaming, add. settings

Download Mod v0.04 (~40MB)
Workupload – MediaFire

Android basic port from the game compressed
with integrated Mod v0.04 (~140MB)
Workupload – MediaFire

Ingame pictures of the Mod:

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