Mod update for “Hacker’s Restart”

The game Hacker’s Restart is back after some time (the dev moved to a US college and put the game onhold since ~Oct. 2020). Now he made a small update as a kind of “warm up”, the next update is already the last with new content.

Since I unfortunately could not find the latest mod files (only older versions), I’ve made a revamp to my cheat mod, too. And at the same time I also integrated the already existing walkthrough Mod from F95zone. Info: music and audio in the original game is partly from me and integrated from the dev back then.

Link to F95zone game page HERE and my Mod page HERE.
Mod functions: status/cheat/rename/walkthrough

Download Mod only v0.8 (~1MB):
(info: the wt Mod from DarkAssassin is already integrated)
MixDrop – Workupload

Android port Game compressed v0.8 with
integrated Mod v0.8 (~82MB):
MixDrop – Workupload

Some ingame pictures of the Mod:

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