Mod update for “Buried Desires” – Update

I made – again – a small Mod update for Buried Desires with at least an info screen and cheating functions (I got some requests for that). It’s also compatible with the walkthrough/Multi-Mod from ShaddyModda (if installed you can turn it also On/Off while playing in my Mod menu, too).

A new game version v0.2.0 is out.
I checked my Mod for it, and it’s still working with this version, too. There was only one variable added in the new content, and even that one has no impact on the gameplay so far. So I leave my Mod version as it is for now and wait for the final 0.2 game release.

Info: the v0.2.0 game download leaked on F95zone is NOT the real final v0.2!
It’s a leaked experimental beta version according this post from the dev here
on F95zone.

Link to F95zone game page HERE and my Mod post HERE.
Mod functions: cheating/rename/ (walkthrough from ShaddyModda)

Download link Mod v0.1.5 (compatible to game version v0.2.0, <1MB):
MediaFire – Workupload

Some ingame pictures of the Mod:

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