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Mod overview 11/2022 – Part 1

Hi. I’ts time again for my Mod overview. Lets start with the general news for 11/2022:

New Mods / Updates:
Last month I started three new Mods. And with that I finally crossed the “magical” number of 100 Mod project. Never would have though that when starting doing Mods. The new ones are for the games: My Sister’s Devious Plot, Naughty Nice and The Relic (unfortunately this one already got abandoned again from the dev already).

As usual quite some Mod updates last month, but at least a bit less than the months before. If I countet right I did updates for 12 games. Including the long awaited updates from Hillside and Intertwined.

But there are also some new entries in my quick Mods/Android ports section, too. So far I also updated all of them when new game versions were released, too.

Stopped Mod’s:
As said above the game The Relic was abandoned quite after my Mod for it was published. Don’t know the reasons for that, maybe peronal dev things. So I of course have to stop may Mod again, too. Also I’m not sure to continue my Mod for Kate. There is already a new version out, but looking at my former Mod versions it wasn’t really donwloaded that often. Still on hold are the Mods for Sun Breed (I probably won’t continue) and The Cabin (not sure here). On the other hand I did continue my Mod for Intertwined. Well, for now. There is already again a “funny” post from the dev “Nyx”. Now she want’s to rework all old chapters again (and even brake saves). After more then two and a half years of developement. Oh dear…

A really big Thank You to my Patrons, even new ones again last month. Also the hompage visits are increasing and increasing. Almost 2k every day! Wow! And as already “usual” great Mod downloads again, too.

Thankfully not really a flop last month. Maybe the new post from Nyx for Intertwined is not so funny for me. Would have probably to redo the whole Mod again bacause of that. So – also again – not sure if I really want to do that for a game I actually stopped playing some time ago.

Mod summary:
– 100 Mod projects all in all (+2)
– 20 games/Mods are already finished (=)
– 14 Mods are unfortunately stopped/onhold by me (-1)
– 21 games are onhold/stopped/abandoned itself (+1)
– 45 are for games and Mods still in progress (+2)

What’s next:
As usual the monthly releases of Rebirth and Guilty Pleasure (The taming of the brat is unfortunately paused this month). Grandma’s House is already released for patreons, but not available for the public so far. Well, and there will be of course some (many) other games releases, too. Maybe even the (again) postponed Unleashed update…

So, this was the first part of my Mod overview 11/2022. And hopefully the second one with the actual alphabetic Mod list is following soon.


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