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Mod overview 11/2023 – Part 2

Already a little late: Here my updated complete alphabetical list of my Mods I’ve made and released. So far there are 109 Mod projects from me. 27 games/Mods are already finished, 20 Mods are unfortunately stopped/onhold by me, 26 games are onhold/stopped itself. The remaining 36 are for games still in progress. List of my Mods:(in alphabetic order): 23 Sisters Mod started: April 9, 2021 Latest update: Version v0.13b / Aug. 14, 2023 Mod status: 100% – finished for actual game versionMod functions: music/jukebox/walkthrough/renaming/gallery unlock/add.settingsLink to the F95zone game page HERE and my Mod page… Read More »Mod overview 11/2023 – Part 2

Mod news/overview 11/2023 – Part 1

Hi. It’s time again for my little Mod overview for 11/2023. I’ll keep it short again. There actually, apart from the Mod updates, were no “unusual news” last month. New Mods / Updates:Again no new “full” Mod project last month, but also again quite some new “Quick Mods/ports”: Broken Promise, Hardenville, A Thousend Rounds, Nephilim, The Swordbearer and Meeting her. Last Month a bit less updates for Mod projects (5), but 14 for the Quick Mods/ports. As usual not “double” counted are the multiple updates for games. Finished Mod’s:The game Free Pass and my little… Read More »Mod news/overview 11/2023 – Part 1

Mod news/overview 10/2023 – Part 1

Hi. Here my first part of the Mod overview 10/2023. It’s again a bit rushed (I’m actually on a work trip now).Well, let’s get the things started… New Mods / Updates:No new Mod project last month, but (if I counted right) six new “Quick Mods/ports”: Family Bliss Inception, Weird Shit Is Going to Happen (Tainted Heritage), Summer Heat, A Foreign World, Guest House, Returning to Mia Again quite some Mod updates (~10 for Mod projects, 13 for the Quick Mods/ports). As usual not “double” counted are the multiple updates for games like Grandma’ House or… Read More »Mod news/overview 10/2023 – Part 1

Mod news/overview 9/2023 – Part 1

Hi. Already a bit late for my Mod overview 9/2023. Also it’s a bit a rushed one since it’s quite busy now for me (some private work to do). But unlike the last overview with the “loli” dev news this time aren’t that exceptional incidents I’m aware off to talk about anyway. Well let’s start: New Mods / Updates:Last month I started one new Mod project. It was for the also already finished side step of Grandma’s House called “College Days“. Also again a few new ones in the “Quick Mod/Ports” section, but not that… Read More »Mod news/overview 9/2023 – Part 1

Mod news/overview 8/2023 – Part 1 “special”

Hi. This overview 8/2023 is a bit different then the ones I’m normally doing. There is an important topic this time, so I’ll do the usual overview in a “compressed” form. New Mods / Updates:Last month I started one new Mod project for Valhalla Chronicles, a new game from the dev of “Oh Daddy”Also 9! new quick Mods/ports last Month, too. Hope I can maintain most of them in the future… There is also my beloved “undead” Mod for the game Intertwined. I’m sure I say every game update I stop that thing – and… Read More »Mod news/overview 8/2023 – Part 1 “special”

Info about commenting on my homepage

Unfortunately I had to change the commenting system on my site because someone was spamming my homepage posts with “comments”. Of course you still can make an own comment or request, but they are not going online immediately anymore. They must be approved first from my system or manually from me. Sorry for the inconvenience, unfortunately I don’t see any other way to stop the spamming. YoursKoGa3