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Finished my Mod for “Picture Perfect” – update

I finally finished my Mod for the game Picture Perfect. After “The Author” and maybe also “Under the Moonlight” (but this game had only 3 updates) my third finished Mod where I started making it while the game was still in progress.

And this game is somehow special for me: for this one I did the most “revamps” and “reworks” while making my Mod. I actually can’t count them anymore – I think I reworked my Mod from scratch more then 6 times in the game progress. Here some of the bigger ones:

– my first Mod when the game had no music/audio
– then with original voice acting (for the first chapter)
– a bit later without the voice acting again
– then the game got original music

Because of the added music I shortly was considering to stop my Mod. But I continued it and even made a new version with partial voice acting, too. Well, and when I thought that’s it, the game got of course another big revamp again… (with new 3D models)

But in the end I can say it was still fun doing all of that. Well, and now I can’t deny that I’m a bit proud of it that I somehow could finish my Mod for this game now, too.

July 14, 2021:
Mod update to v1.0a. Added “RePlay” (gallery function), some small Mod menu changes and bug fixes

Link to the F95zone game page here and my Mod page here
Mod functions: music/audio/jukebox/status/cheat/renaming/walkthrough

Download Mod only version v1.0a (~150MB)
Workupload – MediaFire – Pixeldrain

Download game v1.0, compressed
with integrated Mod v1.0a (~526MB):
Workupload – MediaFire – Pixeldrain

Android port from the game v1.0 compressed
with integrated Mod v1.0a (~527MB):
Workupload – MediaFire – Pixeldrain

Some ingame pictures of the Mod:

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