Mod update for “Between Salvation and Abyss”

The new Chapter 3 / Part 1 for the game Between Salvation and Abyss was released on F95zone. I updated therefore my Mod for this new game version, too.

The game is still ok, but has some unavoidable violence/rape scenes. So if that is not your thing better not play it.

It’s highly recommended to restart the game with chapter 3/part1, there’s a big change in the game variables!
That’s probably why the old saves don’t show up at the game start. I uploaded here two saves at the beginning of Ch3P1, first one on Corruption route, second one on Love route.

Also: If you want to rename the MC, please use the function in my Mod menu. The original one in the preferences only changes the “sayer-name”, but not the name in the dialogs.

Link to F95zone game page HERE and my Mod post HERE.
Mod functions: music, audio, jukebox, walkthrough, cheating, renaming

Download Mod-Ch3P1 (~56MB)
MediaFire – Workupload

Android port from game CH3 Part1 compressed
with integrated Mod CH3P1 (~200MB)
MediaFire – Workupload

Some ingame pictures of the Mod:

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