“Onhold”- New Mod: “A long Summer”

A new music/audio/cheat Mod for the game A long Summer. A game with a cute female MC and very good story/storywriting imo. The renders are good, too, with a lots of details in the pics. Not that much lewd scenes so far.

July 9, 2021
Unfortunately the game got the Abandoned tag on F95zone today, there was no life sign from the dev for 3 months now. Therefore I put an Onhold here, too. Well, to bad about the really promising game start.

Link to F95zone game page HERE and my Mod page HERE.
Mod functions: audio, music, jukebox, cheating

Download Mod only v0.04 (~43MB)
Workupload– MediaFire

Some ingame pictures of the Mod:

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