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No entry for stalkers!

Once again for some time a funny photoshop – this time a little clip. While waiting for the latest Hillside update I had a little time and, well…

Are Mod’s dangerous?

There was a funny discussion in the Intertwined forum about Mods and whether the use of these can be risky or not. The hilarious comment that using a Mod can be like having sex without a condom was met with the funny statement that it might actually be better to wear a hazmat suit when using or making them. I just couldn’t resist… Link to F95zone post from Dec. 14, 2020

Paris from outer space?

Well, I havn’t posted a funny photoshop for a long time now. So here one I’ve done today for the game Picture Perfect. The pic “background”: There was a discussion on F95, if Paris is (or not) the daughter of our MC – due to a statement of the mother in the last released game update. This led so far that one of them even said that she then must be from outer space… Link to F95zone post from Dec. 1, 2020

Waiting for the update

There was a post on F95zone that the next update for Hillside will be next Saturday, September 12th. Well, of course I had to put that in my calendar right away! Link to F95zone post from Sept. 7, 2020

The new Miracle

The developer of Picture Perfect is currently updating/modifying the 3D models of his game. There are several previews of them, now even a render from the revised first chapter. There you can see the new Paris and especially Miracle. Looks great for me, and now I’m eagerly waiting for the pic with the sexy orgasm face of her – well, I couldn’t control myself and just had to tinker with her facial expression (and of course add her fangs)… Link to F95zone post from Sept.. 5, 2020

New clothes for Miracle

There was a discussion in the Picture Perfect thread about the Steam version of the game and whether you can charge money for an not finished version. The Dev of the game said that he for example bought new clothes for Miracle with the revenues. Immediately the following pic came to my mind… Link to F95zone post from Aug. 23, 2020