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Short news in between

I thought I’ll do a news post in between with some actual infos, here we go:

Server problems on F95zone
Since yesterday (at least for me) there are massive problems to reach this site. Seems to be a server/internet issue there, there are already some posts from other users regarding that, too. Hope this get fixed soon.

Homepage issue
I’m also having some problems with my page with the Mods a few weeks now, seems it’s getting to big or something. Or there is some wrong code in it since my Inet issues also some weeks ago. I already have to do some tricks to maintain it. Maybe I’ll split it into parts or into actual/finished/stopped Mods, hope that helps.

Updating my Homepage
Since it seems there is no day without a Mod update the last month some of my other pages here are not maintained as I wished. The pages with the game list, the Mod music page and some more are a bit behind. I hope there is some time for doing that now.

Patreon again?
I don’t know if I should re-activate my Patreon page again (with of course less infos, at least no ones regarding I-cest games or ones with Loli content). Unfortunately my page on SubscribeStar got unsolved problems (I therefore closed it again) and the one on Itch-io is not really good to maintain (and is also not really frequented either). I’ll let you know if there’s a “come back” from Patreon again.

The future of my Intertwined Mod
I already postet on my page on F95zone that I maybe stop the Mod for it, at least the version with the music/walkthrough integration. Regarding the news from the dev “Nyx” the next release is getting really huge, there are already 3500! renders for it (that’s more then chapter 5, 6, 7 combined!). Unfortunately that’s probably to much for me to make a full Mod with music and walkthrough anymore, that would take way to much time to only do this specific Mod. But since I stop that I also probably stop playing the game then, too (that’s a weird thing that almost always happend so far to me). But we’ll see when the game update is finally here. But as a precausion I’ll set my Mod to onhold now.

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