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Mod for the game “But I’m the Bad Guy?” is stopped – Update

June 18, 2022:
Well, unfortunately now the time has come – the game has received with v0.036 (I got it as a small patron) the content that I’ve somewhat feared since I started my Mod for it. Don’t get me wrong, that was not really a big secret from the very beginning and these scenes are also completely avoidable (so far) for players, too. But unfortunately not for me to update my Mod. So I therefore decided to stop that here now. It was not easy for me, I really liked the game so far with the slow corruption of the family. But now the dark side of the MC is braking through in that special route (and even more…). And that content is not for me.

Aug. 3, 2022
Unfortunately after a quick check it seems that my old saves with Mod are not compatible to the new game v0.039 without my Mod again. I therefore decided to make some new compatible saves at important game places:

1.1 beginning of v0.035
1.2 the swimmsuit choice
1.3-1.5 at some choices in v0.036
1.6 at the beginning of the new v0.039

Download save files (~2MB)

Info: the download below is only a compatibility Mod for the game version v0.039. For the new game content I did not made any bigger changes (I only added some basic WT recommendations). Since the saves should now be compatible to newer game versions again I probably also stop the Mod maintaining.

Link to F95zone game page HERE and my Mod post HERE
Mod functions: music (only until v0.035), jukebox, walkthrough, rename, add.settings

Download Mod v0.039comp (~80MB):
Workupload – MediaFire

Android port from the game compressed
with integrated Mod v0.039comp (~820MB)
Pixeldrain – MediaFire

more infos Android port...

Usage additional swipe commandos:
– Swipe left: back
– Swipe right: skip
– Swipe up: main menu
– Swipe down: hide

The game saves are stored now in a persistent folder and should be available even when the game is deinstalled
Location: “(your device)\RenPy_Saves\com.koga3.butimthebadguy”
(you have to grant the permission for the external storage use when starting the game for the first time!)

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1 month ago

Will 0.035 save with mod work with 0.036 without mod?

1 month ago
Reply to  koga3

dang 🙁

1 month ago
Reply to  koga3

I could load from 2 updates back or something, lots of skipping, but it worked.
and the whole scene you talked about was off, both in the way it was done and how it was implemented….there are other games that does similar things, but it is like the dev knew he really did not want to do it as you can see it on the animations, other animations in the game are much smoother and this was really bad….so if dev did not really want to do such a scene, then why do it? 😮

Last edited 1 month ago by ballen
1 month ago

What’s so bad about it? Rape stuff?

1 month ago
Reply to  koga3

uh oh bestiality is my line
So sad