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Mod overview 12/2021 – Part 1

Well, already the last Mod overview for 2021! Hopefully 2022 is getting better in some parts (covid), also in this year I lost family members, too. So it was not easy sometimes. But there where good times the past year also, and I keep them as a kind of a “template” and start positive into the next year.

But I’m already starting to ramble again, let’s begin with the usual general Mod related news for the last month.

New Mods / Updates:
This month I tried really hard to not add to many new ones. So since there were two Mods stopped (more infos below) it’s like a compensation that I also started two new Mods in the last month. The first one for the game Corrupted Love and recently a quick one for With Rain Comes The Flood. Both games are at an early developement stage (second releases), but also both have – for me – good promises for the future. But we’ll see.

Also again, as usual, of course many Mod updates since my last overview post. If I counted right there were Mod updates for 15 games last month – not as many as the cracy 18 a month before, but still quite some Mod updates.

Stopped Mod’s:
This month unfortunately, as mentioned above, also some stopped Mods from me. And than there is the “special” Mod for Intertwined. As feard it was an enormous game release with more than 16k new codelines… as a little comparison: the normal game updates have about 1-2k of them, some bigger ones up to 5k. Unfortunately this was TO big for me to do my full Mod with ingame music anymore. But I somehow found a solution for that.
But now to the real stopped ones:
– The game DDL – Daddy Daughter Love got now full ingame music itelf, so therefore I stopped my Mod now.
– Really sad because I liked the game: Sun Breed was stopped from the developer “SuperWriter”, so I had to set my Mod at least to on hold now, too. Somehow he struggled with the game format (KN – kinetic novel), and is now focusing on his other projects. Again, a pity for this one, and for me the story of Sun Breed is surpassing the other ones actually. But it is what it is…

Again nothing new here – and that’s good! It seems that most of my Mod updates in the last month were well received, so somehow it’s – also again – impossible for me to pic some. Maybe again the recently updated one for Grandma’s House, and my Mod for Guilty Pleasure is still one with the most downloads. Also the cheat only Mod for Intertwined had quite some downloads, the later added version with (only) jukebox music and the old WT was surprisingly not bad either.

I recently re-launched my Patreon page again. After some not so good tries with other sites I finally decided to do that again. But of course I have to “censor” my postings there to not get into the same troubles as before. It seems most of my “old” patrons and followers are still there – that is really nice and therefore a big Thanks!

My Website is also still frequently visited, so here also a big Thanks to them!

As said above, the sudden stop of Sun Breed was a little “downer” for me. Also the site troubles 1-2 weeks ago on F95zone were a bit annoying because they lasted quite long. Posting there was nearly impossible at that time.

What’s next:
Well, somehow I really don’t know what game updates are next, probably Guilty Pleasure, maybe also The taming of the brat soon. But for the other games with Mods from me I don’t know, most of them got recently updates. And for Halfway House (probably not this year) and Unleashed (the dev had a really rough year and stated it’s not coming before Christmas) you never can say a release date anyway.

So, this was the first part of my Mod overview 12/2021. And hopefully the second one with the actual Mod list is following soon.


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