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New: Ren’Py port from the comic “Breaking Boundaries”

I tried something new: A Ren’Py port from the short, but hot comic Breaking Boundaries. It’s the first time I’ve “made” a game in Ren’Py, so I used of course only basic settings. I got that idea because there were also the pics from this comic available without the text. So I “only” had to integrate them into a new game and to type the dialog text. I mostly tried to use the original comic text (from the “bubbles”), but sometimes I had to slightly adjust them to fit better into the game.

Also here the post link to the already made three Mod’s from me for the other games from Sneaky Bastard

Link to F95zone comic page HERE and my Mod post HERE
Mod functions: Ren’Py port, music, jukebox, renaming, add.settings

Download the complete game v1.0 (~152MB)

Download complete game v1.0

Win/Linux (~152MB):
Workupload – MediaFire

Mac (~118MB):
Workupload – MediaFire

Android (~134MB):
Workupload – MediaFire

Some ingame pictures of the game:

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