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Unfortunately some “dead” games?

I’ve been recently going through my new game Mods this month – I was just curious how many actually I started the last month again (some news about that in my monthly report, next one should be around April 20th.). 

But doing that I also noticed a few games with Mods from me that I’m already a little worried about. And for some of them I’m actually sure there is no new version coming…

Musicianship: There were some comments from the developer after the game presentation/demo on F95, but since November 14th last year it became silent there. Unfortunately also no news on Patreon. For me the game is already abandoned. (link F95zone)

Lockdown: Also here, similar to Musicianship, there were initially quite a few comments from the developer after the game presentation on F95. But since 18.2.2021 there is also radio silence. On Patreon was an entry of his “weekly news” on 22.2.2021, but then the communication there ends too. (link F95zone)

The Intern: Almost a copy to “Lockdown”. On 21.2.2021 the dev got silent. On his Patron there is unfortunately not even a single news… (link F95zone)

My Boss’s Daughter: There is an official message, that the game is on hold (“I have decided to shelve My Boss’s Daughter for the time being”). Well, too bad. I really liked the game. (link F95zone)

I really hope I’m wrong about the above games. It would be a pity if they wouldn’t get continued, I really liked them. 

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