Outdated! – Mod overview 11/2020 – Part 1

This time I’ll split my overview post. First now, with a bit more details, the general news and infos. A bit later (maybe tomorrow / on the weekend) the usual complete list of my mods. 

Updates/new Mods:
Again some Mod Updates last month (~10). And I’ve also done four new quick Audio Mods. Three Mods for games from the dev DumbKoala (Vicky’s Investigation, Betflix and My Mom’s Secret, all finished) and one for the Musicianship demo (but maybe the dev is adding music himself later).

Stopped Mod’s:
After my stop for the Panacea Mod last month I also have set two other Mods now to “onhold”:

My Virgin Bride: the game has taken a direktion that I don’t like. Of course it’s still not bad, but it’s not my taste anymore (NTR/”humiliation”). But again: If you don’t care about that (or it’s maybe your kink) the game itself is still well written and have really funny moments, too.

Intertwined: With this game I’m probably struggling with the upcoming update 5.5. It’ will be a maintenance release – but the whole game code is redone and updated from the dev. So I would have to completely redo my Mod for that, too. I still don’t know if I really want to do that again – we’ll see.

+ The Mod for Picture Perfect is a big surprise for me. The months before there was not much interest for it, but since the last two/three Mod releases it has suddenly become one with the most downloads per update. Wow! Also the Mod for Young Again as been increasing with he last updates.
Also nice: There is a little cooperation with another modder for Hillside. He is making a german translation for the game, and he uses my Mod and integrates it there, too.

The Mods for The Author and Intertwined are doing ok, but I expected a bit more. Especially because of the upcoming, needed rework of my Mod for Intertwined I have to take a closer look, if I really should do that.

But the biggest “Flop” for me was: The Patreon rules! It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to post pictures or text with adult content here for free. More and more often I get the hint that I have to publish it for patrons only! I will definitely have to think of something soon for this problem – I already have begun to post the Mod updates also on my Website, too.

So, this was the first part of the Mod overview 11/2020. The second part is coming soon.


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