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A quick new Mod for “The Intern” – Update: game is abandoned, my Mod is stopped

A new Mod for the game The Intern. Yesterday in my monthly report I said that I try to NOT add more Mod projects. Well, one day later I’ve made a new one…

The game itself has some small flaws and is probably from a newcomer, but nevertheless I’ve really enjoyed it so far. Hopefully it won’t stop with the first version…

June 29, 2021
Unfortunately, it seems I had a premonition in my post above….

The game dev was silent quite after the release of the first version. There is also no post on his patreon. I set my Mod to onhold for now.

July 10, 2022
I’m checking today the a bit outdated games and Mods (without updates for some time). Unfortunately this one had no updates for more then a year, the game is also now abandoned tagged on F95zone. I therefore set my Mod for it now to “stopped“.

Link to F95zone game page HERE and my Mod post HERE.
Mod functions: music/jukebox/renaming

Download Mod only:
Mod v0.1 (~25MB)
WorkUpload – MediaFire

Download game v0.1 slightly compressed:
Windows, with integrated Mod v0.1 (~56MB)
WorkUpload – MediaFire

Some ingame pictures of the Mod:

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