Mod overview 4/2021 – Part 1

Another month has passed. Easter is already history. Only the weather here still feels somehow like winter – hope that changes soon. Back to my Mods: this month was actually a bit turbulent, so there are quite some news to post. And I do that as usual: here’s my first part with the “general” news of my Mod overview 4/2021. And in the next day(s) I’ll post my actual Mod list.

Updates/new Mods:
Well… again four new Mods this month. And all of them already got updates, too. Secret Summer and Free Pass are “only” cheating/walkthrough Mods, the other ones have also audio: Between Salvation and Abyss and 23 Sisters. The last one is one of the craziest game I’ve made a Mod for, but also one of the funniest I’ve played, too. And it is also my first Mod I’ve tried a Gallery/Replay function. I was a bit curious if I could do that, but it’s still not my main focus in my “Mod future”.

Of course I made some Mod updates the last month, too. There were Mod updates for 11! games. Besides the usual “smaller” ones (like Rebirth) also two big ones:

Intertwined v0.7 was really big – and additionally ALL old chapters were heavily text corrected again, too. It took so much work that I was nearly about to give up again. So I did it in stages, resulting in a “double” Mod: one version beforehand with only cheating, the second one (a bit later) with all functions including audio/walkthrough.

The other big game update was, a bit unexpected, for Young Again. There were – what a surprise for me – also the first 4 chapters completely text corrected – Yay…. Well, I had to rework my Mod for these chapters now, too. And it ended also, similar to Intertwined, that I made now two Mod versions for the game. And probably with the next game update the other chapters are also getting corrected. Oh boy…

Stopped Mod’s:
This month I stopped the Mod for Defending Lydia Collier. After the big game code changes in Intertwined and Young Again there was also this – unexpected – big rework for the game (and quite at the same time as the two others, too). So unfortunately I had to give up on that one. The dev changed the beginning of the game and implemented some, in my opinion mostly unnessesary, features. And you also must restart your game….
For that I would have had to kinda restart my Mod, too. So I stopped it and set it “onhold” for now, – but I think I will abandon it later, sorry. Those who know me a little longer also know that I mostly end playing the game with stopping a Mod, too. Well, to bad, it was actually a nice game before that change.

Again top: the Mod update for TP – The Class Next Door. But also Intertwined and Young Again are way above the avarage Mod downloads. Also the new Mods for Secret Summer and the “reactivated” Buried Desires were quite frequented. And: the only two days ago released Mod for Where the Heart is has also been downloaded quite often already.

This month I got even two new patrons on Patreon – Wow! Big thanks for that, of course it really motivates me to continue doing this stuff. But again: I still will post my “creations” there for free.

The game update for Definding Lydia Collier was a really (not so well) surprise for me. Making a rework even of the game beginning after two years of developement is, well, not good. And making this update old saves incompatible after so long time is really a bad move. Of course it’s still only my personal opinion for that and I really hope that that was worth it for the developer for implementing the changes.
Not really a flop, but the downloads for the latest Rebirth update are average at the best. I really thought with that chapter 2 finish it would be a bit more. Seems, my Mod (or maybe also the game) has of course “base fans”, but not really new ones are trying it out.

What’s next:
An update from the dev “Superwriter” for one of his games – I think, Sunbreed is next – should be released shortly. Already updated, but not “leaked” on F95zone, is the update for Guilty Pleasure. But for other games I don’t have any more specific infos at the moment.
And who knows, maybe Unleashed will be updated soon, too?

So, this was the first part of my Mod overview 4/2021. The second part is (hopefully) coming soon.


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