Finished the Mod for “Intertwined” v0.7 – update

Finally finished the Mod audio/music parts for the game version 0.7 of Intertwined. There are now two version of my Mod for the game: the already released “only cheating” version v0.7a_cheat (with info screen and cheating). And now the finished Mod with all functions v0.7a_audio (info screen/cheating/audio/music/walkthrough)

I will probably do that “splitting” again with the next game update. With that I can “quickly” update the cheating one, and some time later the full one with all functions (and maybe also a pre release with the walkthrough a bit before).

Also new: the Mod for this game has actually “only” erotic sound effects. But in the latest game update I could not resist in the “Ethan scene” to integrate some sound sfx, too…

July 31, 2021
I made a small Mod update (Mod UI overhaul)

Link to F95zone game page HERE  and my Mod page HERE
Mod functions: music/audio/jukebox/status screen/cheating/renaming/walkthrough

Mod version cheat only:
Download Mod only v0.7b_cheat (~1MB)
Workupload – MediaFire

Mod version with cheating, walkthrough and audio:
Download Mod only v0.7b_audio (~223MB)
Workupload – MediaFire

Download Android port from the game v0.7 compr.
with integrated Mod v0.7b_audio (~912MB)
Workupload – MediaFire

Some ingame pictures of the Mod:

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