Outdated! – Mod update for “Intertwined”

For the new release 0.7 of Intertwined, all old chapters were heavy text-corrected as well. For this I would have to revise all old chapters – shit, not again…

I have now made a quick Mod with only cheating / info screen. The music / audio and walkthrough are currently onhold. For these functions I still have to think about it if I still continue them.

April 4, 2021
As announced on F95, I made a pre-release of my Mod with audio. In it all game changes of the old episodes have already been included, also I made the walkthrough for the v0.7 content- but it is not fully tested yet.
The music/audio ends so far after the game content of v0.6.

Info April 11, 2021: pics and download links removed because of new Mod version/KoGa3

Link to F95zone game page HERE  and my Mod page HERE
Mod functions: status screen/cheating/renaming

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