Mod overview 2/2021 – Part 1

As usual I’ll split my overview post. First the general news and infos. And in the next day(s) the complete list of my Mods with download links.

Updates/new Mods:
Actually, I always say to myself “I have enough Mods in the works already, so by all means don’t make any new ones”. Well, and when I write this monthly report here of course are again a few new ones….
Since last time I added Mods for three games: WVM, HWD (Holidays with Daddy) and Lockdown.

Of course I’ve done some Mod updates the last month, too. There were new Mod releases for 8 game updates (+ some Mod patches/reworks for other Mods, too).
The bigger ones for me: Intertwined, Picture Perfect and Defending Lydia Collier.

Stopped Mod’s:
Well, this month I stopped two Mods – but one of them is already re-activated again and got a Mod update…
The “stop attempt” was for Buried Desires – the game got some more music itself and I wanted to abort my Mod for it. Well, I wanted… I got a few nice requests if I could do at least the info screen again – and of course I couldn’t say no to that. I also added cheating functions for it, too. But no music anymore. Well, for now, because who knows…

Still stopped is the Mod for Guilty Pleasure, more infos in the “Flops” section.

The new Mod for WVM , the updates for A Wife and Mother, Picture Perfect and (I’m really happy about that) Intertwined again had really good download counts. But also most of the other Mod updates and new ones are really ok so far.

One funny thing is the new Mod for HWD (Holidays with Daddy), a short kinetic novel with “Loli” content. I wasn’t expecting much here. So the Mod downloads with a few hundreds are of course more then ok for that. But the also made Android port from me was download like cracy… it’s already near the 10.000 downloads mark….holy shit. That’s maybe more then my “big” Mod’s have summed up together…

Again I got a new patron this month on Patreon. I’m still surpriced that someone is giving money for my “work”… big thanks for that, it really motivates me to continue of course. But also again: I still will post my “creations” for free there.

This month unfortunately the game update for Guilty Pleasure was little surprise – a negative one. I didn’t like the written “behavior” of the sister and the MC on a party – out of the blue they have sex there in front of the others. In my opinion a silly move from the game dev. Well, since the game got also a few (two) music tracks itself, I stopped my music Mod for the game for now. Well, let’s see if I even want to play further game updates (or continue my Mod for that).

What’s next:

Well, there isa big update coming: Halfway House is nearly finished and is maybe released soon. Also a very big one for me: the game finish for STWA – The Author should also “arrive” this month. And not to forget, of course, the soon to be released updates for Rebirth (this weekend!) and Hillside (maybe next weekend). And who knows, maybe something will go further with Unleashed, too.
But I’m sure I won’t be bored in the near future anyway…

So, this was the first part of my Mod overview 2/2021. The second part is (hopefully) coming soon.


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