Mod update for the new “Intertwined” v0.6 – Update

I ‘ve updated my Mod for the recently released new game version v0.6 from Intertwined. It’s a really big update, there were ~6000 new lines of code! (Just for comparison: the latest Rebirth update had about 1500 lines…)

Link to F95zone game page HERE  and my Mod page HERE
Mod functions: music/audio/jukebox/status screen/cheating/renaming/walkthrough

Feb. 1, 2021:
Updated my Mod for the new game bugfix release v0.6a

Download Mod only v0.6a1 (~194MB)
Gofile – MediaFire –Workupload

Download game v0.6a complete compressed with
integrated Mod (version v0.6a1, ~797MB)
Gofile – MediaFire – Workupload

Some ingame pictures of the Mod:

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