Outdated! – New cheating+music Mod for “WVM”

WVM got an update yesterday on F95. Well, I played that game quite a while ago, must be end of 2019…
Unfortunately I didn’t and do not really have time for it, but I thought why not make a quick cheating Mod + my QuickMusic function similar to “Where the Heart is”. I’ve integrated the most important game variables into my Mod and also the renaming of the MC and some girls.

Link to F95zone game page HERE and my Mod page HERE
Mod functions: cheat/renaming/music (QuickMusic)

Info Jan. 31, 2021: pics and download links removed because of new Mod version/KoGa3

Download link Mod only v0.9.3 (~104MB):
Workupload – GoFile

(Some ingame pictures of the Mod:)

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