Outdated! – Another new Mod: “TP – The Class Next Door”

I stumbled across this game today, I played it once a very long time ago. And I don’t know why, but somehow I felt like making a quick cheat Mod for TP – The Class Next Door. Yes, only cheating, no audio (the game has already music). 

I haven’t played the current game at all, it is supposed to be a extremly “slow burner” (reguarding the user comments). And when I finished the cheating function, I saw someone on F95zone asking for an actual walkthrough for it  – so I integrated that as well… 

Link to F95zone game page HERE and my Mod post HERE.
Mod functions: status/cheat/rename/walk.

Info Jan. 17, 2021: pics and download links removed because of new Mod version/KoGa3

Mod only download link (~3MB):

(Some ingame pictures of the Mod:)

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