Outdated! – Intertwined Mod is unfortunately on hold now! – update!

Update Nov. 29, 2020:

Well, the “on hold” for my Intertwined Mod lasted exactly one day 🤣🤣🤣

Seriously, today a player on F95zone asked me if I could at least do the info screen. And I have to say I like the idea – it’s actually something like I’ve done with the Mod for “A Mother’s love”, too. 

I already made a first version, currently I have the desired info screen integrated and the cheat function for these game points as well.

In the future I could also imagine some more “easy” features, for example the cheat function for the games variables.

Link to F95zone game page HERE  and my Mod page HERE
Mod functions: status screen/cheating

Info Dec. 12, 2020: pics and download links removed because of new Mod version/KoGa3

Download Mod only v0.5.5a (<1MB)

following the original news from yesterday:

I had already set this mod to “on hold” as a precaution some time ago (since I knew that the game would be revised again by the developer with v0.5.5). Well, today was the day. On F95zone this revised version was released, and after a quick check exactly what I’ve “feared” happened: the complete game code for all chapters is revised. Even the scenes itself have changed a bit, some new added. 

But please do not misunderstand: This is probably great news for you, the players. And the developer seems to have needed this major overhaul to keep the game going properly.

And: I have not completely given up on this Mod yet. The game itself is fantastic, and maybe after some time I will have a look at it again.

Nevertheless, I am sorry for the not so good Mod news here.

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