Outdated! – Mod update for the game “STWA – The Author”

The game STWA – The Author was updated to Chapter 5 today (beta!). After a quick compatibility patch for my old Mod in the morning… well, I also did later today the complete Mod update. New function: named saves. 

The game itself is still excellent, one of the best reguarding story/storytelling. And of course all the girls are hot as hell…

Link to the F95zone game page here and my Mod post here
Functions: music/audio/jukebox/status/cheat/ rename/walkthrough/named saves

Info Jan. 2, 2021: pics and download links removed because of new Mod version/KoGa3

(Download Mod only Ch5.1 (~102MB)
MediaFire – MixDrop – FilesUpload

Download game v Ch.5.1 slightly compressed
with integrated Mod Ch5.1 (~523MB):
MediaFire – MixDrop – FilesUpload)

(Some ingame pictures of the Mod:)

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